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FAST RE-LACING .JOHN GOLOMB ...GLOVE DOCTOR Service  Any and all Gloves or Mitts 3 to 5 days anywhere in the U.S.A....$50.00 or $15.00 per lace.. Pennsylvania residents add 6% or $3 for the total re-lacing. Add $18.00 for shipping and handling.  We will match and replace all the rawhide lacing.  Leather  conditioning included..

Leather repairs: Are you in a hurry? We are a highly specialized service and we want to give your item the best care it deserves.  We are always in demand and very busy, so work could take as much as eight weeks, but not always depending on the request and job. We will tell you exactly how long the repair will take when we call with our assessment.
Free Glove Evaluation   SEND US YOUR GLOVE Just your item, no need to send any money now. We like to assess the work that needs to be done on your glove before we give you a price quote.  Please include a daytime phone number and email address.  When we receive your glove, we will email you with our recommendation. If you don't agree with our repair assessment, we’ll simply return your glove, no questions asked, at no extra cost,  guaranteed. You can count on our family tradition of integrity and honesty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collectors around the world send their antique and rare finds to Pastime Preservation Service for restoration.  IF YOU  G-LOVE YOUR GLOVE and want it repaired properly, We specialize in antique repair and restoration for sporting goods.
Working with Us  There is almost nothing we can't do to restore your glove or mitt. The magic to glove restoration is to repair the glove without losing the legacy – the look and feel of the glove. These are fully functional restorations, meaning that the glove is meant to be used. We are the number one source for restoration and repair. By the way, John  is called upon by the pros when they need their gloves put back in shape. Our work is a labor of love.  Each restoration is a puzzle and needs special attention so that the result will be completely satisfying to our patrons.  We have only one shot to make it right and we match the look and feel that you should expect, guaranteed.  Scroll down for our pricing breakdown

Restoration & Repair Item Price List

Total Restoration (All and everything) No more than $250
Inside lining restoration or replacement (A great value) includes new Thumb and Small Loops, edging binding replacement, all new laces, cleaning and conditioning  $125.00
Individual Repair Service Pricing
1. Re-palm leather pocket replacing $110.00
2. Glove body and web patching and seam mending $60.00
3. Web design change replacement $60.00
4. Binding edge replacement repair $60.00
5. Thumb loop, pinky loop, wrist straps repair $40.00
6. Plastic finger supports replaced $40.00
7. Velcro strap repair $50.00
8. Felt padding replacing and/or stuffing $60.00
9. We can add a Palm Pad Shock Absorber microSorbTM space age super shock absorbent padding.........$40.00, plus shipping and handling.
10. Total Re-Lacing (includes cleaning and conditioning) $50.00 or $15.00/lace  
Add Shipping (anywhere in the continental U.S.) $18.00  
Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or outside the U.S. will be more – For information E-mail us at: ..
Pennsylvania Residents will have to add state sales tax 6%.  
Our Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction
2 year guarantee for all repair work and all restoration materials we use!

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