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Felt Padding Replacement and/or Stuffing Cost: $65.00 to $99 dependig on the scope of the work

These items are primarily the main pads that fill the thumb and pinky areas of the glove. There are additional smaller pads that fill the other fingers. Pre-war gloves have fabric or canvas sleeves that are filled with curled animal hair or cotton. If your glove has damaged or torn pads, I will repair all or any of them with exacting detail and replace the felt foam or fabric materials and maintain the original shape and feel of your glove included with lining restoration work .Usually 2 to 3 weeks turn-around.

This operation cost is for this operation by its self as requested. This operation may be included or as part for no extra cost as included in with other restoration work. The cost assessment for a restoration repair will never exceed $299 and average generally ave between $135 and $200 depending on the in hand assessment.


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