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Installing microSorb™ Pads Cost: $69.00/glove or mitt

Space age, super shock absorbent microSorb™ padding can be installed in your glove. This is a revolutionary material specially developed for this application. The material is thin, flexible, lightweight and super shock absorbing and unobtrusive. I place the material in the area of your glove or mitt where the ball hits in the finger and palm area of the pocket. microSorb™ takes the sting out. $45 when included with any restoration or re-lacing work . 5 to 6 weeks turn-around

This operation cost is for this operation by its self as requested;This operation may be included or as part for no extra cost as included in with other restoration work. The cost assessment for a restoration and will never exceed $330 and average generally ave between $150 and $250 depending on the in hand assessment.


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