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Plastic Finger Support Replacements Cost: $60.00/each

Your glove or mitt may be floppy or not holding its shape. Often gloves and First Basemen’s and Catcher’s mitts are made with plastic flat spoon-shaped rigid supports inserted in the thumb and pinky areas to maintain their shape. They are installed originally in the felt padding and are not readily noticeable. I can evaluate and determine whether these supports need to be replaced and customize plastic supports for installation in your glove included with restoration re-lining work . Usually 2 to 3 weeks turn-around.

This operation cost is for this operation by its self as requested;This operation may be included or as part for no extra cost as included in with other restoration work. The ;cost assessment for a restoration repair will never exceed $299 ;and average generally ave between $135 and $200 depending on the in hand assessment.


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