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Standard USPS First Class or Priority shipping and handling $4.10 to $18 for orders up to $50,  3 to 5 days for generally for delivery  Free shipping for orders over $50


The finest GLOVE DOCTOR laces available in bulk. Made in the USA  

Available in a variety of colors: natural (tan), black, gray, brown,  red, white, blue, yellow, navy, purple, orange, pink, kelly green, forest green, beige and carolina blue.  2 - 2.4 mm thickness  Would like a sample? Click here.
Free shipping for orders over $50.


Need Lace Thinning & Skiving for your lace order. Click here

Here’s how it works

We can thin down the laces you in order.  We’ll cut down from $1 each or $5 for 10 pieces. and $5 for each additional increment of 10 pieces. 


 Generally laces order come around  5 to 6 oz. or 2 to 2.4 mm in thickness, you can have them cut down to 4 oz. 1.6 mm


You may find thinner laces may be more desirable for use in the heel, finger and palm areas of the glove and mitts. 


Thinning of laces can reduce the  life and strength of the laces.


Need more information or question write us 


3/16″  width Lace

Strap Tie – 14″ (not shown, on the back of the picture)

1. Palm – 28″

2. Little Finger – 24″Thumb – 24″

3. Heel – 36″


1/4′ Width Lace

4. Most H – Webs – 54″

     I or Full Web – 1-24″, 1-34″

     Basket Web – 48″

     Trap Webs –  lace patterns may vary you’ll need at least  – 1-24″, 2-48″

5. Finger Tops & Web Top – 48″

Fielder's Glove Lace Set, Set of 2-1/4" and 2-3/16"