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JOHN GOLOMB Made in the USA Glove-Aide patches the holes in the desired area. Durable full-grain soft leather that you can cut and cement permanently. Comes with brush and cement. Formulated for leather. 

Glove-Aide Cementable Repair Patch

SKU: 13101
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.  30 days return for exchange, credit, and/or refund.

  • The two areas that usually need the most attention for repair in the damaged interior lining are the heel where the player's hand rest and the finger slots.  Over time the salt from the sweat of the player's hand begins to transform the leather from suppleness to stiff brittle cracking.  When this condition exists it usually indicates that the entire leather lining is in need of replacement.  My repair patch is only a temporary measure to cover the tears and holes that have developed.  When you use the leather patch kit, you need to make sure the area you are patching is really clean, free of dirt and any oils.  It's best to use a specifically formulated leather cleaner (Glove Doctor CleanUp) or if don't have leather cleaner or are not available, you can use mild hand liquid soap to completely wash the affected area.  Don't worry water will not damage the leather further.  Before you apply the special leather glue and leather patch to the affected area make sure the area is completely dry, this assures the leather patch will stick and hold best.